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Meta Keywords Ripper is a desktop software fo all Windows versions, dedicated to extract meta keywords from websites which are related to any niche or subject of your interest!

Meta keywords are words or phrases that are set in websites source pages to allow search engine understand on what the current website is focused by content and by subject.

Webmasters tends to put hand picked keywords or by using CMS (like wordpress) that handles it automatically by putting meta keywords, after analyzing the page most frequent keywords which are usually what is the content about - THESE are the keywords that drives traffic to the website.

It is a known FACT (and stated by Google employee matt cutts) that meta keywords are not effecting SEO ranking factors by Google search engine, BUT Webmasters still choose to use them to complete their SEO and HTML compliance standards ABC.
If it is by manual adding them or mostly using CMS plugins to create them - and here comes Meta Keywords Ripper to your benefit!

What exactly Meta Keywords Ripper do

Meta Keywords Ripper software accepts a search phrase and then grabs the results from Google to start crawling to all the listed websites results. Instantly "Ripping" the meta keywords from their source page in matter of seconds!

Meta Keywords Ripper can crawl up to 1000 websites in less then two minutes! resulting with list of hundreds related keywords! - Watch the quick short video to see for yourself!

Who should use Meta Keywords Ripper

Meta Keywords Ripper can be a handy tool in your internet marketing arsenal of searching and finding relevant keywords to any niche of your choice. Some of Meta keywords usages can help in these main fields:

  • PPC advertisers - Great for creating MASSIVE list of tailored long tail keywords for Google Adwords, AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika and more!
  • Blogging, Article marketing and site spinning - Can offer tons of ideas to the niche you just got into for relevant keywords and subjects
  • SEO and LSI content - Finding new related keywords to your niche that you can then paste in Google Keyword Tool to filter keywords that you can use for your Blog and landing pages

Whether you are a beginner in internet marketing or a "GURO" you will find Meta Keywords Ripper to be a part from your daily internet marketing tools!

Meta Keywords Ripper is a super advanced software!

Meta keywords ripper features a slick easy to use interface allowing you to enter a search phrase and in less then no tome crawl up to 1000 websites grabbing all the meta keywords with advanced feature of removing duplicate keywords leaving only unique.

Equipped with the smart filter engine to handle specific keyword(s) that you want to include or exclude with the ability to add prefix and / or suffix which is great for PPC campaigns.

Meta Keywords Ripper is multi threaded software which means it can connect many sites simultaneously, bring results in no time!

Best of all it is light weighted, super fast on any computer and does not require any 3rd party installment of any software in order to run.

Download Meta Keywords Ripper for FREE!

Meta Keywords Ripper is the first software from our internet marketing software family! in order to be part of this great community we offer it for free of charge, BUT there is a small reasonable catch.
In the software there is a top banner similer style to website advertising - and that's all to it!, The software is fully functional without limited features and never will be!

So what are you waiting for?